She Tells Her Dog She Can’t Have Something And The Pup Proceeds To Throw Hilarious Tantrum

It would be nice if everything went as planned at all times but, as we all know, things tend to get derailed from time to time. When that happens, we may react to it in a wide variety of ways and there are times whenever we are going to throw a fit. It seems as if humans are not the only ones who have this type of difficulty and as you will soon see, even dogs can throw tantrums as well.

The reactions that dogs have are often quite amazing to see. They don’t have the ability to withhold their feelings in the way that humans do, they wear them right out there on their sleeve. When you see this dog, name Sadie, you will know that something certainly isn’t going her way.

It seems as if Sadie was denied something and we are not quite sure what it was. It may have been a treat or perhaps a toy but regardless of what she was denied, she absolutely wanted it. Her disappointment is clear to see and she is throwing a fit to try to get her way, but likely all she got was a laugh.


Junior, The French Bulldog, Can Carry On A Conversation On Any Subject

Like many people, I have always had a suspicion that my dog absolutely understands everything that I am saying. It seems as if he is always following along with the conversation and all I’m waiting for is for him to join in one day. When I saw this video, I recognised that dogs do have the ability to talk, you just need to have the ability to understand them.

I’d like to introduce you to Junior, the French bulldog. He is sitting in between his two owners and it seems as if he has an awful lot to say. In fact, it doesn’t really matter what they are talking about, he pipes in and gives his opinion without any problem at all. It is absolutely adorable to watch!

I have to admit, I’m not really sure what these men are saying because they are not speaking English and I’m not bilingual. Even though I can’t understand them, it does certainly appear that Junior can understand them and he is talking right along. I would have to say, however, that he isn’t speaking in French or Italian, he is speaking in bulldog.


Funny Dog Takes Over This Blanket On The Beach For A Nap And Refuses To Get Up

When you own a dog and have them around the home, it doesn’t take very long to recognize that they absolutely love to sleep. It seems as if they sleep all day long and then they wake up just in time to go to bed for the night. Of course, many of us look at our dogs with a little bit of envy because of the time that they have for snoozing, but there may be times when it can be a little bit frustrating as well.

The man in this video decided to take his dog along with him to the beach. It wasn’t very long, however, before the dog lost interest in what was going on around him and decided to take a nap. The unfortunate thing was, however, he took a nap on the beach blanket and refused to get off of it!

The good thing is, the man recognized when something was funny and he took a video of it for us. Regardless of whether you have a dog or not, you have to admit that this is one of the funniest things of all time. It’s no wonder it has over 4 million views!


Abandoned Puppy Spots A Human And Has The Best Reaction

If there is one thing I know about dogs, it’s the fact that they have the ability to wrap themselves around your heart. It doesn’t matter whether they are a little puppy or an older dog, the unconditional love they provide is enough to take your breath away at times. That is why it is so difficult to understand how some people could simply abandon a dog, leaving them on their own and not knowing if they are going to survive.

While this man was out for a run on this particular day, he spotted a stray puppy along the path. It seemed as if this dog was so full of love and so happy to see a human that he could hardly contain himself! He was whining and running back and forth and before long, he rolled over on his back for a belly scratch.

I don’t know about you, but I would find it impossible to resist the urge to provide him with all the love that he could possibly want. Fortunately, this kind man did bring the dog home, took care of it and made sure that he found a forever home with a loving family.


The Father Wants To Know Who Ate His Shoe But Both Dogs Refuse To Own Up To The Crime

There are some people who are naturally able to get beyond sticky situations. Perhaps it’s the fact that they learned at a young age never to wear their heart out on their sleeve but regardless, it is difficult to pin them down to a crime, even if they have committed it. That is not always the case with dogs, however, because many of them will look guilty, even if they didn’t commit the crime! When you see these two dogs together, you will have to admit that both of them look as if they committed the infraction.

Apparently, one of the dogs ate a shoe belonging to the owner, and he was none too happy about it. Both of his dog sat on the floor in front of him, including a dachshund and a pit bull. When you look into their eyes, it can be difficult to tell which one actually chewed up his shoe. He held up the insole, and finally it was too much for the guilty party to take.

The dachshund continued to stand his ground, sitting there and looking a little bit sad. The pit bull, on the other hand, immediately scooted to the back and even tried to hide behind a potted plant! I wonder which dog did it?


Honey, The Family Dog, Sits Quietly In The Car But When Her Favorite Song Comes On She Howls

Many of us know what it’s like when our favorite song comes on the radio. We could be in the worst mood ever but when it starts playing, it just seems to pick us up and carry us away. If we happen to be in the car by ourselves, it is likely that we are going to sing along with it and we don’t even care what people in other cars might be thinking! As you are about to see, this is not only something that humans do, even dogs can do it as well.

I’d like to introduce you to Honey, a family dog that has a unique talent. When the Michael Jackson song comes on the radio, Will You Be There, he can’t help but try to sing along with it. He tilts his head back and leaves out a tremendous howl!

This video has really put a lot of smiles on people’s faces. It doesn’t matter if you love dogs or not (although I don’t know who would not love a dog), you are going to enjoy what this video has to offer.


This Rescued Pit Bull Gets A Piece Of Pizza And His Reaction Has Everyone Laughing

It is always nice to see someone enjoying their food. That is not only true of people, it is true of dogs as well. If you are fortunate enough to own a dog, you likely recognize that they can be quite a “chow hound,” and many of them will do what it takes to make sure they get some human food when it is available. Most dog owners will indulge their dogs from time to time and some may even go overboard.

This pit bull was rescued and now, he is enjoying his forever home. His owners were enjoying some pizza and they decided that he should have some as well. When they gave him a small bite of the crust, he goes absolutely crazy with delight and begins running around the room. He even does it again when they give him a second piece.

Most dog owners recognize that table scraps are not the best choice for dogs. Then again, much of what we tend to eat is not the best choice for us either. The choice of whether to give scraps to a dog is up to the owner but an occasional indulgence shouldn’t cause any problems.


This Dog Goes Down The Stairs in The Most Unique Way, Sliding On His Belly!

When we have a puppy in the house, there is no doubt that they can make a wonderful difference in our lives. It seems as if we smile from one moment to the next and as they are discovering something new, it is as if we are discovering it right along with them. Obviously, that was the feeling of this family when their dog learned how to go down the stairs in a most unusual way.

Some dogs are frightened of the stairs, as it is something outside of their natural habitat. They may try to go down the stairs by walking backwards or perhaps they just give up altogether and want you to carry them. This dog, on the other hand, embraces the experience and does something epic as a result.

Rather than being nervous about going down the stairs, this dog thinks it is the best thing since sliced bread. He plops down at the top stair on his belly and proceeds to slide right down the stairs, one after the other. He certainly does make short order of the process and leaves us smiling from ear to ear.


Golden Retriever Rescues Her Teddy Bear From The Washing Machine And It’s Caught On A Hidden Camera

Like many people, you probably had your favorite toy when you were younger. You may have carried it around with you anywhere and, when it was time to retire it to the toy box, it was a very difficult day. In fact, many of us never truly put away the toy and some of us still have them somewhere in our lives. It seems as if this is not only something that happens with humans, even dogs can get attached to a specific toy in a similar way.

If you have a dog who loves toys, you know they can get quite smelly sometimes. After the toy has been carried around, slobbered on and cuddled for a week or two, it is ready for a good bath. Most of us would simply toss it in the washing machine at that point, which is what this family did.

The dog, however, was not ready to give up her beloved toy so quickly. Hidden cameras catch her going into the laundry room to get her toy right out of the washing machine. I guess they don’t call her a retriever for nothing!


VIDEO: Dog Adopts A Baby Opossum And They Are Still Close, 2 Years Later

It is always wonderful when you see animals getting along, especially when they are of different species and it seems as if they make rather strange bedfellows. That was the case with this dog, who managed to adopt an opossum and the two of them have been getting along swimmingly ever since. Although most people would never expect two animals such as this to come together, it happened in a most precious way and they are absolutely inseparable.

Hantu is the German Shepherd who managed to come across poncho, who is the opossum. The poor opossum was found clinging to his mother’s side, as she had been killed by a passing automobile. Poncho seemed all alone, but that is where the dog really stepped up to the plate. He adopted poncho, taking the animal under his wing and caring for him as if he were his own.

At times, you may hear of a story like this and wonder whatever became of those two friends. You don’t need to wonder in this case, because the two of them are still getting along perfectly after two years have passed!


This Whining Husky Is Not About To Leave The Dog Park Quietly

When you take a child to the park, there are certain things you just have to expect. The kids are going to have a great time while they are there but eventually, it is going to be time to go home. When that time arrives, the children are likely to fuss a little about the departure. It happens every time. When you see this video, you will realize that it is not only human children who have those feelings, dogs have those same feelings as well.

This video took place at what can be considered the best place in the world for a dog. It was the local dog park, where dogs can run around free, socialize and get out all of their energy. It looks like this dog is having a great time but then it is time to go.

What that occurs, the dog does not go quietly. In fact, he voices his opinion quite loudly. this video shows him in all of his glory, and it even includes subtitles, just in case you don’t speak husky. It is something that every dog owner is sure to appreciate.


Sweet Little Puppy Teaches Herself How To Hula Hoop

If you have ever spent any amount of time with a dog, you already recognize they can do some amusing things. Of course, we love dogs for many reasons and they give us love in return, but when they are having fun, there is nothing quite like it. I can remember sitting around the pool and watching my Labrador swimming every day. It seemed as if he couldn’t get enough of the water and it just put a smile on my face. It looks like the people who have the dog in this video will be doing plenty of smiling as well.

They often say that the highest form of flattery is imitation, so it looks as if the girls in this video should be quite flattered by what the dog is doing. In fact, when I first saw it, I couldn’t believe that a dog would do something so interesting.

Admittedly, the dog does need to work on his style, but I would give him an A+ for effort. Perhaps I should teach my dog how to do it, I could use some more smiles around here.


Mom Comes Home To A Terrible Mess But Then The Dog Rats Out His Little Friend

Many of us can remember getting into trouble when we were little children. At some point or another in our lives, it is bound to happen and many of the childhood crimes that occur in the household are solved due to a tattletale. It may be a frustrating situation, but it often helps us to realize that getting busted is usually worse than simply confessing in the first place. As you are about to see, it is not only human children who may tell on their little friend, dogs may be likely to do it as well.

In recent years, “dog shaming” has become quite popular. It typically involves hanging a sign around the dog’s neck that confesses their sin, such as eating the turkey off of the table or tearing a hole in the living room couch. Typically, it is not only the sign but the look on the dog’s face that really makes us laugh.

This video is no different. When the two dogs are sitting there being scolded because of what took place, one dog decides enough is enough and he tells on his little friend.


He Wanted To Do Some Pushups But His Dog Had Other Ideas

If there is one thing I know about dogs, it’s the fact that they are great to have around. Not only do they provide us with companionship and loads of love, they are also a lot of fun and keep us entertained, even when we are having an off day. At times, however, they can get underfoot and I can’t tell you how many times I have tripped over one of my dogs because they just were at the wrong place at the wrong time.

It seems as if this dog is having a similar problem, but instead of getting under his owner’s feet, he is resting on his back. That is because the man is trying to do pushups, and how dare a human try to invade the domain of the dog! I’m joking, of course, and as many of you realize, dogs often want to help out when we try to exercise at home.

As it turns out, this man was taking part in the 22 pushup challenge. It was started to raise awareness of the dangers veterans face. I’m sure his efforts have done much to help support this cause.


These 2 Huskies Are Doing Their Best To Interfere With Mums Exercise Routine

Many of us try our best to stay in shape, and that might include doing some exercise at home. We might follow along with an online class or perhaps we may make up our own but for a time, we are fully dedicated to the program. Of course, there are many things that could interfere with our workout routine when it is happening at home. Sometimes, those distractions may even take on a surprising form.

For the young mother in this video, she is trying her best to keep up with the exercises but she has 2 others in the household who have other ideas. They are her huskies, and when she is trying to workout, they are doing everything in their power to make her stop. For those of us who have a dog, it is a scene we can easily recognize.

When our dogs act up in this way, we have 2 different choices. We can get frustrated and try to work through it, or we can stop exercising and give our pups some love. Doing the latter will go a long way in making for a happy household.


This Dog Gets So Excited About Seeing Her Human That She Actually Passes Out!

We have all seen videos about dogs being reunited with their humans. It can be quite touching, but there is sometimes a surprise involved. At times, the surprise may be quite easy to predict, such as someone in the military coming home and being greeted by their dog at the door. At other times, however, the surprise may be quite unexpected. This is sometimes seen when a dog recognizes a human after not seeing them for a number of years.

When Rebecca Svetina came home after being abroad for two years, she was about to be greeted in the most amazing way by her dog. That schnauzer, named Casey, was there to meet her and he goes absolutely wild when he sees her! After freaking out like this, she ends up passing out right there on the pavement.

Fortunately, the dog is perfectly fine as she was taken to the veterinarian and got a clear bill of health. It is just a matter of her being so excited seeing someone she had not seen in a long time that she was overcome and lost consciousness.


Dog Has An Epic Battle As An Egg

The life of a dog can be rather confusing. When they are a puppy, it seems as if the world is fresh and new but even beyond that, they are in an environment that is not natural for them. Dogs can be great company and many of them do quite well living in our homes and eating out of a plastic bowl but some dogs have a difficult time adjusting. It may show up in a number of ways, but you are about to see one of the funniest imaginable.

The Basenji in this video is staring as something rather harmless on the floor, an egg. From the looks of things, he just can’t quite figure it out and he does a dance around it, taking a swipe or two with his paw to try and figure things out. Before you know it, an epic battle ensues and it is difficult to tell who the winner will be, until he makes his final move.

If you have a dog in the house, you are going to recognize the humor behind this video. It’s amazing when you see the personality of a dog shine through, and it looks like this pup has all of the personality he can handle.


Dog Reacts To His Own Reflection In A Mirror

There are times in life that can be rather shocking, but they can also be humorous as well. At times, we may be surprised by an unexpected turn of events and even if it is a small surprise, it can still take us back considerably. Have you ever had the experience of walking in somewhere with the mirror and suddenly, you feel as if you are not alone? When you first see the reflection, it can really startle you and make you feel as if someone else is in the room.

Apparently, that is the experience that this dog had when his owner put a mirror up. When the dog looked in the mirror, he was amazed to see another dog looking back at him and it didn’t seem like he was too happy with it. In fact, I don’t think this dog found anything humorous about seeing another dog in “his house.”

When we have a puppy in the house, it can be rather interesting to see them exploring the world around them and learning new things. Apparently, this dog does not care much for his own reflection, so it is a lesson learned.


Dog Greets New Baby In The Most Precious Way

When we bring a young member into the household, it can be a rather unnerving event. We plan for many months for the new baby to arrive but when the day gets closer, we wonder if we are going to be able to handle everything as we should. We know that we have the nursery set up properly and that we have plenty of the necessities around the home, but there are many other things to think of as well. We want everything to work out perfectly, and sometimes it does.

One of the difficulties that we may face is figuring out how to introduce the new baby to the family dog. This also requires some planning, because you want them to begin on a lifetime of love and friendship. In a nutshell, we want them to be a part of the pack, and for everyone to get along swimmingly.

The dog in this video is Milo, and he was also about to meet his new human sibling. We can only imagine that the family was at least a little bit worried about this meeting, but it turns out they had nothing to be worried about at all.


Hidden Camera Catches Postman Visiting A Dog Every Day

Some dogs are quick to get a reputation and in some cases, that reputation may be passed along to other dogs as well. For example, postal workers and dogs have not gotten along together historically and in many cases, the dog will bark when the postman arrives. As you are about to see, however, even stereotypes can be broken and the couple in this video certainly go a long way in helping to make us rethink that age-old relationship.

It was caught on a hidden camera in New Zealand, when a postal worker would take a break every day to visit a dog that was nearby to his postal route. It is more than just a one-time occurrence, the owner of the dog says that the postman will stop by every day to spend time with the dog, even if there aren’t any packages to deliver.

At times, dogs will bark when the postman comes because they are conditioned to do so. The postman comes and goes, making the dog feel as if they have accomplished their job. The next time the postman comes, they will bark even more. Apparently, some dogs feel differently.


He Wants His Dog To Get Up But The Dog’s Reaction Is Priceless

I think that the world could probably be separated into two different types of people. There are those who love getting up in the morning, and they jump out of bed without reservation. The other group, however, are those who would rather stay in bed and they may complain and struggle to get up on a daily basis. If you are somebody that loves your bed and wants to stay in it as long as possible, you’re going to appreciate what this dog is doing.

In the video, it shows a dog that is sleeping comfortably on the bed and his owner decides that the dog should not lay around all day. He tries to get him up, but it is to no avail, because the dog does nothing but complain and he just keeps on trying to go back to sleep.

Many of us will see ourselves in this dog, and although we may end up getting up reluctantly, we would do our fair share of complaining as well. Fortunately, the dog is so adorable that the entire situation not only true to life, it is quite humorous and wonderful to watch.


The World’s Smallest Dog Is Guaranteed To Make You Smile

The Internet is a part of our lives, and that is not about change at any time in the near future. Although many of us spend quite a bit of time every day on the Internet, we have to admit that it can also be difficult to do so. After all, the Internet can be a rough place, there are plenty of arguments that take place over almost any subject you can imagine. Then again, there are videos like the one in this post, videos that are guaranteed to put a smile on your face.

The Internet may argue over many different subjects, but they all agree that a cute puppy video is well worth watching. In this video, you will meet Meysi the terrier. She isn’t your typical, every day terrier, however, she is one of the smallest dogs in the world! In fact, she is only 2.8 inches tall.

Thanks to her tiny stature and big personality, millions of people online are now in love with this adorable dog. It doesn’t matter if you have seen her before or not, you will truly appreciate what this video has to offer.


Dog Shows Us What We Really Look like When We Are Sleeping

There is an old expression that you should “let sleeping dogs lie” and many of us understand the truthfulness of that saying. In essence, it is letting us know that if something is not a problem, it’s better to leave it alone than to stir things up and make it a problem. Of course, the same can also be applied in real life, and if a dog is sleeping, it is best to let them sleep. In fact, we may even learn a lesson by watching them.

Do you ever wonder what you look like when you are sleeping? Many of us imagine that we are peacefully lying in a slumber bliss, oblivious to the world around us but that is rarely the case. As a matter of fact, many of us are going to be lying there with our mouth open, snoring and looking anything but peaceful.

When you look at the dog in this video, you will see both of those realities come to life. It is the perfect way for you to recognize that you should appreciate the fact that you are sleeping and don’t worry about how you look.


Great Dane Take A Ride In A Cart Behind A Bike

There is nothing quite like getting out in the fresh air for a while. It doesn’t matter if we are taking a walk in the woods or riding a bike down an old country road, there is just something about it that helps us to connect to the world around us. Of course, if you have a dog, you already know that they can take the experience to the next level very quickly. Not only do they offer us some protection, the are our constant companion and we love having them with us.

Most dogs will jump at the chance to get out and get some exercise. In fact, you might have a difficult time convincing them not to go with you. That doesn’t mean, however, that they are going to have the stamina that they need to go the distance. That is obviously this problem with the Great Dane.

Although it looks like he is quite happy to run by his master’s side as he rides a bike, it isn’t long before the pooch just starts to slow down. Fortunately, for him, his master just so happens to be pulling a wagon, and it is just the right size for his canine friend.