Nobody Believed His Dog ALWAYS Did This In A Car So He Took A Video

If there is one thing that all of us know about our dogs, it’s the fact that they are unique creatures. In fact, each and every dog has their own personality and it shines through so brightly that it sometimes takes us by surprise. There are also times when they may do something unusual and we tend to love every minute of it.

Stop for a moment and think about some of the dogs who have shared your life. It seems, sometimes, that they have so much personality that they are almost human, and some of would argue that they are more human than some of the people we know. That was the case with this dog, who was the beloved companion of Adam Douglas. His name is Tommy and when they were in the car together, he wanted nothing more than to hold Adam’s hand. The only problem was, nobody believed him.

What would you do if you had a dog that loved you so much, he wanted to hold your hand when you are nearby? Most people would probably laugh at the story and either secretly or openly would doubt that the story was true. Fortunately, we live in a day where it is super simple to take a video, and that is exactly what Adam did. In fact, the video turned out so adorable that it was worthy of an online share.

There is something about a dog that just puts a smile in our heart. This video is certainly capable of invoking such a smile and keeping it there for the rest of the day. One thing is certain, it will make you think about all of the silly things your dog did and how they touched your heart as well.

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