She Asked Her Dog To Make A Happy Face And He Does The Best Job Ever

There is nothing quite like having a happy dog by our side. It seems as if they are quite content to lay there and be near us. In fact, it seems as if they live for it and we would imagine if a dog could ever smile, they would probably be smiling from ear to ear. Fortunately, you get to see a dog smiling in this video.

When a dog is happy, they will do more than simply smile with their face. You can see it through all of their body movements and in the way that they look at you. For humans, we often have to look for something in particular, but for a dog, they don’t leave any question in our mind. That is especially true of this yellow Labrador, who knows exactly how to turn on the charm.

His mother tells him to smile and he instantly puts a smile on his face. In fact, it is one of the most adorable grins I have ever seen in my entire life. If this doesn’t make you smile in return, you might want to have your smile checked.

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