Children Hide Under The Pool But The Dog Does Something Totally Unexpected

There are many games that we may have played when we were children. I can remember playing a lot with my friends and family outside when I was younger and we played tag, football and of course, hide and seek. In fact, it wasn’t really a fun day outside until the game of hide and seek was underway.

It seems as if children are still enjoying a good game of hide and seek and when they can’t hide from each other, they may just end up hiding from the family dog. It can be rather enjoyable to watch the dog running from place to place searching for us but sometimes, they just might show us exactly how smart they are. That is the case with this dog and what he is about to do may come as a complete surprise to you.

The children decided on the perfect hiding place, they were hiding underneath the inflatable pool. It would probably be rather difficult to find them but the dog decided that he had had enough of their antics. Just wait to see what happened next.

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