Dogs Get Confronted Over Eating A Shoe But They React In The Best Way Possible

Have you ever heard of someone who has a poker face? They are somebody that just seems to be able to get away with anything because they never show their guilt when you look them in the eye. It is a rare talent and certainly one that most people do not have. In fact, most people would be unable to get away with anything because the guilt shows as soon as you look at them.

It seems that it is not only humans who have this problem, even dogs have the problem. Perhaps you have had a dog in your life that would do something naughty from time to time and they would just look guilty from the moment they did it. That is what you are about to see with these dogs. One of them has chewed their human father’s shoe and they are being interrogated about it.

When you watch this video, try to see which one did it. Once you take a look at their faces, you will see that it is easy to tell which is the guilty party.

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