A Great Dane Is Told To Get Off The Bed So He Throws A Hysterical Fit

Anybody who has a dog recognizes that they have a unique personality. They can have their favorite spot in the home and even if it is a forbidden area, they are going to want to be in it at all times. Typically, this is because the area is comfortable and that is obviously the case with this dog.

When you try to give a little dog some direction, there is not too much of an issue in doing so. When the dog is a great Dane that weighs over 100 pounds, however, the issue can get a little difficult. As many people who own big dogs recognize, however, they are the biggest softies. That doesn’t stop them, however, from having an opinion.

When this great Dane was told to get off of the bed, he didn’t take too kindly to being told what to do. In fact, he decided to throw the biggest hissy fit of all time and it is certain to make you laugh. We don’t know if he got off of the bed or not, but he certainly but he certainly did complain a lot about it.

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