Dad Catches Dog’s Hilarious Reaction As He Responds To Commands On TV

There has been somewhat of a debate for many years over the possibility that dogs may be able to watch TV and pay attention to what they are seeing. From time to time, we may see a video that seems to lend itself to the possibility that they are actually watching what is going on. This video takes things to the next level.

You may, at times, see a dog that tends to pay attention when there are other dogs on the screen or they may seem to be captivated by a commercial. You are going to see that fact is this video, which is a compilation of many different dogs who are paying attention to what is happening on the television. One dog even listens to what is being said!

There is no doubt that dogs are intelligent creatures and we love them for all that they give to us. With this video, they provide us with laughter and certainly, we could all use a smile.

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