He Told His Dog The Food Is Gone. Wait Till You Hear The Dog Respond

There are certain videos that may tickle our funny bone and it doesn’t matter how many times we see them, they are always going to put a smile on our face. Then again, there are other videos that not only make us smile, they make us laugh out loud and leave us with the best feeling on the inside. This is one of those videos.

Of course, it is hard not to smile when you see the subject of the video. From as early as most of us can remember, we had a love for dogs. As we got older, that love just continued to grow and now, most of us would agree that dogs are the best thing on the planet. We love any dog we have in our home and when we see a dog video online, they quickly become a part of our heart.

That is especially true of this dog video, which is one of the funniest that you are ever going to see. In the video, the man tells the dog that he ate the food and the dog just doesn’t seem to get it. At first the dog is a little confused and perhaps upset that the man ate the food but then he pulls the dog back into the conversation perfectly. I don’t know what is funnier, the dog being upset over the food situation or the fact that his eyes tell the entire story.

In the end, the dog doesn’t get to eat the people food or the cat food. It is the funniest thing, because most of us can identify with what is taking place in the video. It is one that you are sure to love each time you see it.

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