This Girl Tries To Practice Playing The Flute But The Dog Steals The Show

There is no doubt that dogs truly make up a very important part of our lives. When we have a dog and our family, they not only keep us amused, they can steal our hearts as well. In fact, most of us love dogs so much that we don’t only love our dogs, we also love dog videos that we see online.

When you see the Golden retriever in this video, his personality is truly going to shine through. His nickname is “grumpy dog” and it will not take long to tell exactly why he had that name for himself. Even though he may be a little bit grumpy, it is laughter that he brings to the Internet.

The girl in the video is practicing playing the flute. If you have ever played a musical instrument, you recognize how much time and effort it takes to do so. It only takes a few notes, however, before the dog responds in the best way possible.

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