A Beagle Gets Distracted During The Dog Show And The Internet Loves It

Most of us would have to agree that there is nothing quite as nice as having a dog by our side. We welcome them into our families and before you know it, they are some of the most treasured family members. Sometimes, dog owners even take things a step further and train the animal. It is a great bonding process and lots of fun.

When we train our dogs, they welcome the times when we will be training together. In the case of this woman, her dog was so good at being trained that she was welcomed to one of the largest and best known dog shows and she was ready to show her stuff. The only problem was, she is a beagle and they tend to get a little distracted.

This dog is so much fun to watch as she makes her way around the obstacle course. Sometimes, she is doing things just right and at other times, she is looking off into the distance. In either case, however, the audience loves it!

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