This Puppy Throws An Epic Fit And The Groomer Can’t Stop Laughing

There is nothing quite like having a little puppy around the home and they can certainly fill our lives with love from the very moment they become part of our family. Perhaps Charles Schultz put it best when he said that “happiness is a warm puppy” and we couldn’t think of anything more true than that statement.

Of course, along with the fun and smiles is going to come some real work and that typically comes in form of grooming. Many of us will take our dog to a professional groomer because we want them to handle the session in the best way possible and at the same time, to make our little puppy even more adorable.

It seems as if this little puppy was at the groomer but he wasn’t necessarily happy about the fact that he was there. He is throwing a big fit and the groomer is trying to calm him down, but she can’t help but laugh at his crazy antics. I’m sure you’ll laugh as well.

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