Mamma Dog Is So Proud When Her Puppy Howls For The First Time

When we are a parent, we are going to experience a lot of different emotions over the years. Sometimes, however, something is going to happen that will make us the proudest parent in the world. When it happens, we can hardly contain our excitement over the situation.

Apparently, that isn’t only true of human parents, even dog parents are getting in on the act. When this alaskan malamute puppy was only 14 days old, she was starting to howl. When you see the video, you can almost see the pride on the mum’s face. In fact, she is not only proud over what the puppy was doing, she even decided to get in on the act!

Some people consider pride to be something to be avoided, as if it is something bad. Although there can be pride that is unkind, this type of parental pride is something we all experience and it can be the best feeling in the world.

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