Owner Wants To Know If His Dog Is Stupid But When The Dog Says “No!” It Is Absolutely Hilarious

As most dog owners will let you know, their dogs are anything but stupid. As a matter of fact, some of them are so intelligent, you might have a difficult time keeping up with them. That is especially true of certain breeds. Yes, all dogs can be intelligent but Husky dogs tend to have a talent that shows their IQ; they can talk!

If you don’t believe that huskies have the ability to speak, just wait until you see Mishka in action. Her video is going viral for a very special reason, because she knows exactly what her owner is saying. When they ask her a series of questions, she answers in the typical fashion of a Husky but when they ask her if she is stupid, she answers in the funniest way you could possibly imagine.

Not only does Mishka answer the question for her owners, she answers it for everyone else who is watching the video. She is by no means stupid but rather, is perhaps one of the funniest and most intelligent dogs I have ever seen.

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