He Was Having A Nice Nap Until His Favourite Song Started Playing

There is something that almost all of us have experienced at some time in our life, and we may experience it on a regular basis. We are driving along minding our own business with the radio playing in the background. We are really not giving it much thought but suddenly, one of our favourite songs begins playing and it completely changes our attitude. Before you know it, we are singing along and having the time of our lives.

As it turns out, it is not only humans who experience this, dogs can also experience it as well. When this dog was having a nap in the back seat, it seemed as if he was doing so without a care in the world. When his favourite song starts playing, however, he immediately perks up and even begin singing along to it. His soul of choice? Let It Go, from the film, Frozen.

Not only does this dog show some incredible emotion when he hears his favourite song, there is also something amazing that you will see. When the song is turned off and it goes back to a different type of music, he goes back to sleep again.

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