Adorable Puppy Loses His Battle Against Sleep And Faceplants

Most of us have been so tired at some point in our lives that we could not hold our heads up. It is one of the most uncomfortable situations that we experience, yet we still tend to fight the sleep that seems to be looming over us. In some cases, it is just a matter of wanting to stay awake but in other cases, it could be a problem that is known as “sleep procrastination.” It either case, it is something we are all familiar with to some extent or another.

It seems as if people are not the only ones to have this problem, as this adorable little puppy is also experiencing a similar problem. It was posted to twitter by Kris Paterson, and they managed to catch this puppy trying not to fall asleep, although he was trying in vain. In the end, the puppy couldn’t resist the urge and ended up face planting.

Regardless of whether we have fallen asleep sitting up or have struggled against sleep at some time or another, we can relate to this cute little dog. In fact, it may just make you a little tired when you’re watching it.

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