They Tell The Puppy No And He Proceeds To Throw The Most Adorable Tantrum

From the time we are very young, there is a word that none of us like to hear, “no”. It is typically said in a way that has a negative connotation and for some of us, we hear it more often that we would like. At times, we may even get upset when we hear it.

That is apparently not only the case with humans, dogs also experience the same range of emotions when hearing no as well. For some dogs, they hear it so often that they know exactly what you are saying, especially when you say it the right way. This little puppy certainly didn’t want to hear the word and when he did, he proceeded to throw the most adorable tantrum of all time. It is so cute to watch.

Dogs may have these little temper tantrums from time to time but through it all, we continue to love them. They provide us with plenty of love in return and when you see how adorable they are, it is difficult not to just forgive and forget.

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