Something Strange Is Going On At This Animal Shelter, So They Installed A Camera

There is nothing quite like a mystery to really grab our attention. We tend to gravitate toward films and tv shows when there is a mystery involved. It is quite amazing to watch them unfold and to see how they are resolved. Sometimes, we even see these things happen in real life.

This video is about a rather interesting mystery that took place at an animal shelter. It happened every night and nobody could figure out how to do it. In fact, the employees were even blamed for it at one time! That is when they decided to set up some cameras and see what was really happening behind the scenes. When they saw the footage, they couldn’t believe their eyes.

As it turns out, it was a very smart dog who had figured out how to open his cage. He got free and started letting the other dogs out as well. It’ very funny to watch how it happens and for the shelter, it closes the books on a mystery that nobody could figure out.

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