Pit-Bull Helps His Dad With Summer Gardening

There is no doubt that dogs are amazing creatures and some dogs, quite frankly, have a level of intelligence that would put some humans to shame. Of course, many people argue that they are just doing things out of instinct but those of us who have had dogs in the family recognize that they are quite capable of displaying their personality and their intelligence in amazing ways.

This pitbull is a perfect example of how a dog can be a great part of the family. Not only is he likely a loving animal that is welcome part of the household, he also looks as if he is earning his keep at the same time. After all, he is helping his owner out in the garden and doing a lot of the hard work himself.

This pitbull is certainly an amazing animal. Unfortunately, the breed in general has gotten a bad rap but as pitbull owners can tell you, they are a wonderful, gentle breed of dog that can be a happy, healthy and beautiful part of the family.

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