The Two Huge Dogs Are The Biggest Babysitters

There is an old saying, “The more, the merrier,” and many of us have lived the majority of our lives believing it was true. After all, if we are enjoying something, it would seem obvious that having more of it would make us happier. Sometimes, following that expression to the letter is not going to work out for you, but sometimes, it will. The latter was the case with this family, and you are not going to believe what happened.

They are the Fisher family, Joshua, Bee and their 3 little boys. For most people, that would sound like a full house but they were looking forward to a family expansion. Joshua was considering getting a horse, but they decided to bring 2 dogs into the fold. They wanted dogs that would get along with the children, so Newfoundlands were chosen.

The Newfoundlands, Ralphie and Boss, forms a bond with the children that is quite amazing. Although they are large dogs, as the breed can be 6 feet from nose to tail, they have turned out to be the biggest softies you will ever meet.

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