Little Puppy Tries To Bring The Paper To Her Owner

Many of us use the Internet to get all of the news that we need but there is something about holding a newspaper that is not only nostalgic, it is also beneficial as well. It wasn’t all that long ago that the newspaper was the first point of contact for most people when it came to the morning news. It was something they looked forward to as a family, and even the dog would get involved!

Some families still enjoy getting the morning paper and as you will see, the dog may still get involved in the process. This Labrador puppy (Gracie) lives with her father, Peter Scholz, and she wants nothing more than to bring him the newspaper. The only problem is, she is a little too small to handle the situation.

Just because she is smaller than the paper, however, does not dissuade her from trying her best to carry it all the way to the house. She does need a few breaks along the way but wait until you see how she is able to accomplish her task

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