He Catches His Dog On The Bed But The Dog Is Not About To Move

We tend to allow our dogs a lot of leeway when it comes to living in the home with us but sometimes, we want to restrict certain areas and consider them to be dog free zones. For some people, those areas may include the bed, and researchers even show that it is a good idea to keep the dog out of that sleeping area.

Just because you want to dog to stay off of the bed does not necessarily mean they are going to do it. After all, the bed is one of the most comfortable areas of the home and with the way that dogs like to sleep, why wouldn’t they want to climb up on it for a nap? That is where Shelby the Golden retriever comes in. He decides he is going to climb up in the bed as soon as his master leaves and he makes the best of it, wriggling around on his back and burying his face in the covers.

The only problem is, nobody really left the house and before long, poor Shelby gets completely busted. Just wait to you see how he responds.

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