Poor Dog Gets Run Over And Nearly Dies And Then This Happens

There are certain partnerships that were meant to be, Batman and Robin, Fish and Chips, Laurel and Hardy. But this also applies to certain animals and owners. They seem destined to be together and circumstances conspire to ensure that the right owner ends up with the right animal. Chance was a little dog that could potentially have had a short life. He was found at the side of the road, having been hit in a road traffic accident, and the driver of the vehicle who hit him hadn’t even bothered to stop.

Due to the extra care that this poor little dog would need, he had lost the entire control of the rear half of his body, nobody seemed interested in giving him a forever home, and if it wasn’t for San Antonio Pets Alive charity I imagine he would have been put down. But the charity took him in and eventually Michael a man in a wheelchair came along and just knew that this was the dog for him. Understanding how difficult life could be in a wheelchair, he felt an instant connection and understanding with Chance.The two of them are now best buddies,getting up to all kinds of adventures including would you believe kayaking together. The video below explains their story in greater detail and is a must watch for any dog lover.

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