Lonely Autistic Boy Gets a Dog and It Works Wonders

There’s an old saying that a dog is a man’s best friend, and many of us have experienced the truthfulness of that saying. It doesn’t matter if we are feeling a little bit down or perhaps we just would like to have a friend around, dogs are there to fill the void and to be anything we need them to be in our lives.

This is not only true for all of us, it is also true for individuals who have special needs as well. Joey, a young man, was diagnosed with autism and he had a difficult time making friends as a result of his issues. He felt isolated and lonely and he wasn’t doing very well. That is when his mother decided to bring in a best friend for him.

His new best friend came in the way of a pitbull named Roxy and she is quite sweet! As a matter of fact, it is not only Joey that has benefited from being around this dog, she has enjoyed the journey as well. This is an awesome video, but make sure you bring your tissues.

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