Meet the Dog Who Is SO Bad At Finding the Snack Under The Cup

There is something universal about dogs that all dog owners know. When there are snacks involved, the dog is going to be there as well. In fact, some dogs are so focused on getting any type of snack or scrap, we refer to them as chow hounds. Of course, we would want to make sure we were feeding our dogs healthy treats. They don’t know the difference, but we do!

From time to time, there are dogs that just don’t quite register on the intelligence scale. That will become obvious when you see this adorable dog trying to find the treat under a cup. This method has been used to determine the intelligence of animals. Hopefully they didn’t test this poor guy.

I’ve seen a lot of dogs trying this particular test on videos, but I have never seen one so bad. Yes, he was probably under a lot of pressure to perform, but in the end, he just doesn’t seem to get the concept of the game. Oh well, at least he is cute!

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