A Man Feeds A Begging Dog But When She Doesn’t Eat It, He Checks Things Out

When we have a dog in our home, there are certain things that we can expect to happen. We will certainly get a lot of love from those dogs but we can also expect them to show some bad behavior at times, including begging for food. This is not only something we may experience with our own dogs, we may also experience it with other dogs as well.

The dog that we see in this video was living on the streets of Bangkok, Thailand. She was struggling to survive and had to resort to begging for food in the market district. The man in the video was familiar with the dog, and he had fed her many times in the past. The only problem was, she would get a piece of meat and then run away, rather than eating it right there.

That is when he decided to follow the dog. He gave her a drumstick and, as always, she ran away after getting it. Rather than letting her go, he decided to follow her. She even turned to see him but kept going. When he found out where she was going, it was a real shocker.

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