Grandma Is Hiding In The House And The Dog Freaks Out Until He Finds Her

If you have a dog in your life, there is something that you are going to recognise about them quite quickly. They have a personality, and it is unique to that individual animal. There may be some character traits that are similar, especially when dogs are of the same breed but at times, it just seems as if they have emotions that are very similar to ours. Very few of us would ever deny that reality.

If you have any doubts as to the emotions dogs are able to display, they are about to be wiped clean after you see this video. It shows two Alaskan malamutes who know that their grandmother is hiding somewhere in the home. They begin to look about frantically from one room to the next, because they absolutely love their grandmother. Of course, many of us can relate.

The search began when the mother came home and they could smell gramdma. She is in the house, but where? It didn’t take long before the dogs were able to sniff the grandmother out and when they find her, they gave her lots of love and affection.

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