The Dog Went For A Ride But When He Knows He Is Going To The Dog Park He Goes Crazy

It doesn’t matter who we are, there is going to be something that we absolutely love doing in life. Although it may differ from one individual to another, the results are the same in the fact that we can barely contain our excitement when we realise that our favourite thing is on the horizon. Apparently, that is not only true of humans but even dogs have similar feelings as well.

This dog went for a ride and, although he may not have known where he was going, it seems as if he enjoys being in the car. Something was about to change, however, when he realised that he was actually going to the dog park! It seems as if there is nothing more exciting to him than going to the dog park, and he cannot contain his enthusiasm.

Some of us tend to be rather subdued and we may not get overly excited, even when we are about to do something epic. It’s a shame, because there is something fantastic about enjoying doing something and letting it completely control your emotions. Just ask this dog, he’ll tell you.

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