A Dog Enjoys A Day At The Park, Until An Incident Happens

Having a dog can truly be an amazing experience and many of us could not imagine life without a dog in the family. They seem to integrate themselves into our lives and it isn’t long before much of what we do during the day seems to be for their benefit. It doesn’t matter if it is feeding them, walking them or even taking them to the dog park, we get pleasure from watching them do something that makes them happy.

In this video, you get to see a beautiful husky that is enjoying a day at the park with his master. His name is Gohan, and he enjoys going to the park frequently. He is friendly, and all of the other dogs seem to get along with them so it is nice to watch everything taking place from his point of view and to join in with his excitement.

Unfortunately, this video had to be cut short because an aggressive dog got into a scuffle with Gohan. The video doesn’t show it, which we appreciate, but it does show the enjoyment that this beautiful dog gets from a day in the park.

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