This Dog Knows The Difference Between “Bath” And “Walk” And The Results Are Hilarious

Dogs are amazing, and I’m sure that any dog owner would agree. Once we bring them into our home they quickly become a part of our family. Once they are a part of our lives, we couldn’t imagine spending a day without them. They provide us with lots of love and they are there for us during the good times and the bad times. Dogs also provide us with a lot of amusement, and that is the case with this dog.

When you have a dog in your family, it doesn’t take long before they start to learn the language. It goes beyond knowing whether you are angry or happy, they actually start to learn some words. For example, some dogs will respond to verbal commands, such as sit, or down. This dog took it a step further and learned 2 words that just don’t go together.

Every time the human tells her dog that it is time for a bath, he dives under the bed. When she then asks him if he wants to go for a walk, he suddenly is a happy camper. It doesn’t matter how many times she does it, he falls for it every time.

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