Magpie and Dog Playing Together

It doesn’t take much looking online to learn that animals have the ability to get along with each other. At times, they will be the same species, such as having more than one dog in the house but those friendships are not limited in such a way. In fact, there are times when some of the most unlikely animals will be close to each other and may even enjoy playing together. This video is the perfect example.

I have seen dogs playing with all types of other animals, such as cats and horses. I even remember seeing a video where a dog got to be great friends with a horse! When I saw this dog and his friend, however, I have to admit that it took me by surprise. It is a pooch, and he is playing in the yard with a magpie.

Sometimes, we tend to limit our relationships because of what others may think. We can take a lesson from these animals, however, and be open to friends from everywhere. One thing is certain, once you see this video, you will know that friendship has no boundaries.

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