Overly-Attached Dog Won’t Quit With The Kisses

When we have a dog in the household, there are certain things we come to expect. We know that there are going to be times when the dog wants some attention but, fortunately, they give lots of love in return. Something else that many dog owners have come to expect and even appreciate are doggy kisses. There is nothing quite like getting a big kiss from a dog that loves you and it really can warm the heart. Looking at the dog in this video, it seems as if he may be taking doggy kisses to the next level.

His name is Bronson, and he just loves his little sister. The owner say that this is not out of the ordinary, and Bronson will show this type of affection on an ongoing basis. In fact, she says that she wakes up with doggy kisses every morning, and she loves it!

I think the world is divided into 2 different types of people. There are those who love lots of doggy kisses and those who love them in measured doses. Let’s just hope the members of this household not only love kisses from their pooch, let’s hope they can’t get enough of them.

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