Pit Bull Asked To Find Sleeping Baby

There certainly are many different types of dogs, with all of them having different personalities and reputations. At times, their reputation is well earned, such as when someone says that Labradors love water. On the other hand, some dogs get a bad rap, and it isn’t necessarily going to fit every single dog in the breed. That is the case with pit bulls. They are often looked at as being aggressive and dangerous, but as any pit bull owner can tell you, they have a heart that is as good as gold.

That fact is going to become obvious when you see this video of Diesel, a sweet pit bull. In fact, once you see this video, you might just fall in love with the dog and with the breed. When his master tells him to go find the baby, the dog not only goes over to the sofa, where the baby is sleeping, he leans in as if to give him a kiss.

As is the case with any type of dog, their temperament is directly related to how they are raised. When you see Diesel in action, it’s easy to tell that he has been well cared for in a loving home.

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