They Want To Take Their Husky For A Walk But He Has Other Ideas

When we have a dog in our home, there is a responsibility that all of us must take part in at least several times on a daily basis. I’m talking about getting the dog outside. It isn’t only to make sure that they don’t go to the bathroom inside of the home, it is also to get them some needed exercise. The problem is, not every dog wants to go outside.

That was certainly the case with Zeus, who is a loving Siberian Husky. Although some dogs will get outside any opportunity that they can, Zeus wants nothing more than to stay indoors. In fact, his nickname is “Zeus the Stubborn Husky” and you are about to see why it fits him so well. When they tell him it is time to go outside, he files a formal protest.

It doesn’t take long into the video clip to recognise that Zeus is not very happy about hitting the outdoors. In fact, he continues to get louder and his tantrum is bordering on epic proportions. In the end, however, the owner will win out, regardless of how much he whines.

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