A Fluffy Puppy and His Buddy Bird Are Having Lots of Fun

There are times when friendships just seem like they occur between the most unlikely individuals, but they work quite well. There is sometimes even the thought that opposites attract, and it seems as if there may be a lot of truth to that statement. After all, who would have ever thought that a dog and a bird could be such close friends?

It starts out with a fluffy puppy, who is quite adorable, standing at the edge of the deck steps. There is a Molukkan cockatoo in front of him, and at first you might think that there is trouble brewing but in fact, they are close friends. They have lots of fun with each other and even though they are quite different in appearance, they seem to share the same spirit.

The puppy’s name is Popcorn, and he is half Anatolian Shepherd and have St. Bernard. His partner and BFF is Cody, a cockatoo who has been rescued. I can’t imagine two more unlikely friends, but it looks as if they have everything under control and are just enjoying life together.

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