Little Boy Gets Surprise Tackled By Dog In A Field

There is nothing like a good surprise to make you smile. For some people, it is a surprise party but for others, it is a matter of having something sneak up on them unexpectedly. That was the case for this little boy, who got quite a jolt that is not only funny for those of us who are watching, even he couldn’t contain his laughter!

It began when his father and he stopped by a field of tall grass. After wandering over into the grass, the boy even joked about how small he was but it wasn’t long before you hear a rustling in the grass beside them. It is difficult to see what is going on, but before you know it, it is hair, teeth and eyeballs as the boy gets absolutely floored by a dog. Both the boy and the father can’t stop laughing.

The art of a surprise is something that many of us try to perfect during our lifetime. It may take some time for you to get everything just right but it is not only going to benefit you, whoever you are surprising will love it as well!

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