French Bulldog Shows Off His Skateboarding Skills

Any of us who own a dog can tell you, they all have their own personalities. At times, they may not show up at first but as time goes by, they become more obvious. The same is true with the skills that a dog may have. Some are agile and able to perform amazing tricks, others bark on command or even sound like they are saying “I love you!”

For at least one dog, however, there is nothing quite like the feeling of wind rushing through his hair. I’m not talking about him sticking his head out the car window, This little guy loves to skateboard! His name is Eric, and he is a French bulldog who loves in North London. It only took a few months of being with his owners before they discovered what he truly loves to do. Eric LOVES being on a skateboard.

Ever since Eric was just a young pup, he has shown this unique talent and his adoptive parents are happy to help him get in all of the board time he wants. When you see what he is able to do, you will wonder why he hasn’t gone pro.

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