Mum Brings Home A New Puppy And Her Great Dane Throws A Huge Fit

One of the things that many families experience is when a new child is brought into the home. It is one of the happiest times in our lives, when we have the opportunity to share our home with someone new. It is also enjoyable to spread the news to others that the new arrival is almost here, and when we bring them into the home, we often have visitors and the family rallies around us.

Unfortunately, not everybody is always going to be happy about the new addition and at times, there may be a little bit of sibling rivalry that exists. This is not only true in the human world, it is also true of dogs as well. In fact, this huge great Dane is not very happy about the new puppy bring brought into the home, and he is not afraid to show it.

Unlike the little puppy, who needs to be held in order to be close to the human, the Great Dane can use his height to get up to eye level. Rather than being happy over the arrival of the new baby, he shows a little bit of jealousy and that is something that all dog owners can appreciate.

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