When Mum Confronts The Dogs About A Mess, One Dog Turns On The Other

If you have a brother or sister, there is something that you had to put up with at some point in your life. Although we may have had an unspoken rule about not ratting each other out on the important things, there were times when we would tattle on the smaller things. Sometimes we would do it, at other times, they would do it.

It appears that the dogs in this video are also experiencing the same thing in their lives. When they are caught doing something bad, they are both confronted to try to find out who the guilty party is. It appears that they may have both been guilty of the infraction but one of them was quick to tell on the other. It is so adorable to see!

When it comes to dogs, it is sometimes difficult to stay mad at them. Even if they did something that was really bad, they still have a way of making our hearts melt with their antics. I’m sure that these dogs are in a similar situation. They may have been bad but I doubt if they got in trouble.

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