A Man Plays Hide And Seek With His Dog And It Goes Viral

There is something that is true of almost every dog and any dog owner would be able to confirm it. I’m talking about their love of playing, and it doesn’t matter if they are playing fetch or rolling around on the floor with another dog, it seems like it is endless fun. Sometimes, they will play by themselves but at other times, you can join in on the fun. That is what this man decided to do.

He set up a camera in the room to catch the action and then he hid behind the door. Before you know it, the most adorable game of hide and seek was on. Every time he would yell from behind the door, the dog would come bounding into the room to look for him and then he would leave again.

It took a few times but eventually, the dog was able to figure out that his human was hiding behind the door. After he found out, the man played the same game with him again and the dog fell for it, hook, line and sinker! I wonder how long this game lasted?

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