Dog Is Watching A Scary Movie With His Dad, But His Reaction During The Scary Part Is Hilarious

There are two types of people in this world, those who enjoy watching scary movies and those who avoid them like the plague. It seems as if the human in this video is somebody that loves scary movies, as they enjoy the exhilaration of being frightened during one of these flicks. Obviously, it is not only the human who is enjoying this movie but the Jack Russell Terrier is also glued to the screen as well.

At first, it seems like Maylo, the dog in the video, is quite into the thriller and he certainly does seem to be captivated by what he is watching. As he is propped up, he seems as if he has his full attention on the TV and he is frozen in place. It is something that many of us do when we watch one of these movies.

Suddenly, a figure appears on the screen and then, disappears. The dog absolutely reacts perfectly and even after the owner starts laughing, Maylo still doesn’t know whether he should be frightened at what he saw or not. It is the perfect moment.

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