800 Corgis Gather for Corgi Con

There are certain events in life that really keep us interested. For example, many people will watch the Olympics when they come around and they will likely find that they are glued to their seat while the games are being played. The same is also true for many other sporting events, but this particular event is unique, to say the least.

It took place on a beach in Northern California, where 800 corgis gather together for a fun day of festivities, known as corgi con. If you are having a difficult day, this is going to be the perfect pick me up that will snap you out of it and have you smiling from ear to ear. There are a number of different events in this gathering, including a costume event, a group photo, a raffle and of course, corgi races.

This biannual event takes place in San Francisco and it continues to grow in popularity year after year. It not only includes corgis from the local area, there are many others who travel from outside of the area to take part in the festivities. It is a lot of fun, and the only thing better than watching this video would be being there in person.

Viral Video of the Day

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