This Westie Has the Perfect Reaction When He Leaves the Pool

There is something about being in the water on a hot summer day that just is beyond words. Although the sun may be beating down on us and it can be quite scorching, the water feels absolutely comfortable and the mix of sun and fun is perfect. Many people enjoy the pool in the summertime, and they are in the water any chance they get. It looks as if this little Westie also enjoys the water, and that will become quite obvious.

Do you remember having to get out of the pool when you were a child and you just weren’t ready to leave? Perhaps we lingered as long as possible, even jumping back in a few times after we got out. This adorable dog is certainly feeling the same way. Although his owner puts him out of the pool several times, he simply turns around and jumps right back in again.

The West Highland White Terrier (Westie) is a dog that has been described as being full of self-esteem. They are quite proud of themselves and they are not afraid to show it!

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