She Prepares Food For Her 4 Well Behaved Dogs And Then They Say A Prayer Before They Eat

We live in a society where it seems as if manners are going by the wayside. It wasn’t all that long ago that people said please, thank you and would even show courtesy in other ways but today, it seems as if many people are too busy on their mobile phones or with their stressful lives to care for such niceties. Of course, that is not always the case and you’re about to see an exception to the rule.

When children are very young, it is the responsibility of the parent to teach them manners. As a matter of fact, they will grow up to be good mannered, only if the parents show the right example and teach them from youth. Apparently, the same is also true for dogs, and you may not believe what you are about to see.

The woman in this video has 4 rather large dogs and she is preparing their meal. As she does so, they sit patiently behind the table and each holds their position. When it is time to eat, the food is placed before them but before they dig in, a prayer is said. They even help to clean up when they are finished!

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