He Tells His Pooch He Ate The Food But You Have To Hear What The Dog Says Back

There is something amazing that happens when we bring a dog into our home. It isn’t long before they begin taking over our lives and they certainly take over our hearts. In the middle of it all, many of us do something that is rather unusual and, it doesn’t matter if you want to admit that you do it or not, it is likely that you have done it many times.

We all want our dogs to be a part of our family but there is something they can’t do that other family members can do, talk. Yes, we can understand what they are trying to say in many cases but when it comes to voicing their opinion or saying what is on their mind, it’s just beyond their abilities. That is why many of us assign our dogs a voice.

Not only do we have a voice in mind when it comes to our dogs, we may even talk in that voice for them. That is certainly why you are going to appreciate this video because the dog not only has a voice, what he is saying is perfect.

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