The Little Dog Takes His Position On The Big Dog’s Head And He Acts As The Perfect Guard Dog

There is something that all of us have in common, and that’s the fact that we want to feel comfortable in our homes. When we are inside, we feel as if we are in a safe place, locked away and untouchable by the world outside. We even employ a number of methods of ensuring our safety, from locks on the doors and windows to alarm systems. All of them are meant to enhance our peace of mind.

Something that many of us have around the home to help us feel safe is our canine companion. Sure, they give us love and they are part of the family but most dogs are also incredible at keeping guard and making sure there isn’t anything going wrong at home. Although that is true of any type of dog, it seems as if little dogs are especially cautious and watchful, and we appreciate it.

As you are about to see, the same is also true for other dogs in the family. The little dog in this video finds his way to a comfortable lookout, right on top of the big dog’s head. When he hears something out of the ordinary, he alerts the big dog of the possible problems.

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