It’s Time To Leave The Pet Store But This Dog Decides To Throw A Tantrum

There are many joys associated with being a parent but as any parent will tell you, there are some frustrating aspects you need to deal with as well. One of the problems that many parents need to face at some time or another is a tantrum. I’m not talking about the tantrums that they throw, talking about their children, who throw a tantrum and it is typically done at the worst imaginable time. It appears as if this is not only a problem associated with human children.

Most of us would appreciate that children love going into a toy store but when it comes to our dogs, the pet store is the closest equivalent. It doesn’t matter where you look on the inside, there are going to be toys and treats that are lining every aisle and it is difficult to go home without at least something in your cart.

The problem for this dog owner came when they tried to leave the store. They were ready to go but their four-legged child decided he was not ready, so he threw the canine equivalent of an adorable tantrum.

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