The Dog Jumped Between The Couch And Chair For A Treat And Ended Up In A Difficult Situation

When you have a dog in the home, it doesn’t take long to realise that there is no better member of the family. Not only do they provide you with lots of love, they also can be a protection when things get difficult. For this particular dog, however, it seemed as if he was providing a little bit of comedic relief for the family.

If there is one thing that I know about dogs, it’s the fact that they absolutely love treats. In fact, my dog will do almost anything for a treat, and he expects them at almost all times. When this German Shepherd goes to fetch a snack, however, he suddenly realises he has himself in quite a predicament.

He jumps over the edge of the couch to grab the treat and goes headfirst in between the couch and the chair. It only takes a minute for him to get back up again, but he still struggles for a moment. Fortunately, the dog is not hurt and hopefully, he was able to enjoy the treat as well.

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