When One Dog Gets Attention From The Human The Other One Has A Temper Tantrum

Sibling rivalry is a problem in many families, and it is one that can be quite an issue in some cases. It seems as if one of the siblings is going to get jealous as soon as something good happens to the other, and they may just throw a tantrum. This is often frustrating to the parents, but when you see it happening to your animals, it can be quite amusing.

Holly is the puppy on the right in this video and Tyson is the one on the left. Their owner is right in the middle but every time that he pets Tyson and gives her a little bit of extra attention, Holly ends up getting jealous. She uses her paw to force him to show her a little bit of extra attention.

This is not something that happens only one time but it continues to happen over and over again. If you only have one dog in the family, you may not have this issue but anytime there is more than one animal, you are likely to understand exactly what this man is going through.

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