He Breaks The News To His Dog That A New Brother Is Coming And The Dog’s Reaction Is Perfect

When our family starts to grow, one of the things that we will often run into is the need to tell siblings that they are about to have a new brother or sister enter into their world. It is often surprisingly good news for the parents but the children may handle it in a variety of different ways. Some are going to smile and get excited, others may cry and still others may just look at you in disbelief.

It seems as if this type of emotion is not only limited to humans but even dogs can experience it as well. That is something that you will notice when you see this man who has his golden retriever sitting on his lap. He tells his dog in the nicest way that he is about to have a new brother, and the dog turns around and gives him a look of shock!

You never know how somebody is going to handle this type of a big announcement until it is actually given. We always hope for the best but it is always good to plan for the worst. I’m not sure whether this dog is in love with the thought or not, but the video sure is precious.

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