Adorable Bulldog Puppy Tries To Wake Up His Sleeping Mama

There is something that many parents have gone through in their life, and that is having their children wake them up when they are sound asleep. In fact, some parents have to put up with it on almost a daily basis and it seems as if they manage to get to you at just the wrong moment. Of course, we love our children and would never want to live without them but sometimes, it would just be nice to continue sleeping.

It seems as if that is not only a problem that is experienced by humans, even dogs have that difficulty as well. This baby English bulldog was attempting to wake up his mother and she just doesn’t want to respond to his attempts. It doesn’t matter what he does, even when he does a little bit of play biting, she doesn’t budge an inch.

Sometimes, you just need to turn your attention elsewhere and decide that enough is enough. I don’t know if this is giving any human parents any ideas, but it certainly did work for at least one English bulldog mother.

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